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What is this service?
If you want to email a file that is larger than 5-10 MB in size, chances are good that your internet service provider or corporate mail server will refuse to transfer your message.  As the documents people work with keep getting larger, transferring large files is becoming a big and expensive problem.

  • When you use our service, sending large files is as easy as sending email.  This website provides a fully managed file transfer service for individuals and teams.  Now you can send and receive files up to 2 GB in size easily using your web browser.

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How does it work?
 Click here for an illustration and additional information on how this service works.
Your large file is uploaded over a secure, encrypted connection to our data center. Our service will send an e-mail to your recipients with a link and instructions to pick up the file from our website. Your recipients do not need to have accounts with this service in advance to receive your files.  If you would like a receipt, then you'll be notified by e-mail when your files are downloaded. You can also log on to the website or to check if your files have been downloaded.
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How do I get technical support?
Several support options are available.  You can find support for most issues in our technical support area. If you don't find the information you are looking for, you can also submit a request for support by sending email to our support mailbox, or submit a support ticket form in our help desk.
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Is this service HIPAA compliant?
Yes, this service is HIPAA compliant. Click here for detailed information on how we support HIPAA compliance.
  • All files are encrypted when you upload them, and if you use the file password no one can access your files without that password
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What is the largest file I can send?
You can send files up to 2 GB in size using the website, however some people do experience difficulties uploading files larger than 200 MB depending upon the quality of their internet connection.
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How can I send files?
Sending files with this service is as easy as using email.  Log on to the website using your account.  Click on the SEND FILE button.  Enter the email addresses of the people you want to send the file to, and select the file you wish to send.  Finally, click the SEND button.
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How will people receive the files?
When you send a file, you enter the e-mail address of the recipient. We'll take care of the rest. If the recipient has our software, then your file will be downloaded to them automatically. If they don't have the software they can click on a link in an e-mail we'll send them to download the file using a web browser.
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Are my files private?
Your data is kept completely confidential.  Your data is encrypted as it is uploaded to our server.  If you use the optional file password then your file will be encrypted using military grade encryption.  No one can access your file unless you provide that person with the password you assigned to the file.
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Is my data safe?
When you upload files to our secure server, your data is encrypted.  While we backup our user database daily, the files you sent are not backed up.  We don't backup your files because creating backups means proliferating copies of your data, which is not secure.  Suppose we backup your file to a tape.  What process must be in place to prevent that tape from getting into the wrong hands?  Our system is very stable, but in the event of a hardware disaster you'll be required to send your file again.  When you send a file, it is automatically deleted after a certain number of days (typically seven).  Our data center has excellent security, including 24/7 security staff onsite patrolling the premises both inside and outside.
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How reliable is the service?
Read more about our 99.9% service availability guarantee.
We guarantee 99.9% service availability. Our data center has four gigabit fiber connections from multiple providers, and has hospital-grade electrical power supplied by three independent utility station feeds. The servers we run on are monitored 24/7 by experienced professional networking experts.
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How will I know when my recipient downloads the file?
When you send a file using our service, we'll send you an email when the file is delivered.  You can also log onto the website and review your file transfer history from the My Files page.
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Can I send more than one file at a time?
You can upload as many files as your plan allows one after another, however our upload file page only supports one file at a time. You can send your file to multiple recipients at one time. You can also forward a file you sent or received to additional recipients without re-uploading it if the file has not expired.
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If I want to send someone a file, does that person need to already have an account?
When you send someone a file with this service, we'll send that person an email with a link to download the file.  That person does not need to have an account with us in advance.  We'll create a free account for your recipient when they pickup the file.  The recipient does not need to have a free account before you send the file; they can enroll at the time of download simply by selecting a password.
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How many times can files be downloaded?
Each recipient can download the file you send up to ten times.  However, you can chose to limit the number of downloads to as few as one time.
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Can I send files to many people at once?
Yes you can!  You can send a single large file to up to 20 recipients at a time. If you need to send to more recipients than that let us know and we can raise this limit for you at no additional charge.
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